Licensed Massage Therapists

Drift Provides the most healing massage, by cultivating a team of the best therapists. Read about our therapists, and decide which of our team will best suit your needs.


Becky Huffman

therapeutic massage

For over 15 years, Becky has specialized in various massage techniques including Swedish Massage, Reflexology, and Myofascial Release. In 2003, she graduated with an Associates in Therapeutic Massage. She has an expanded understanding of chakra and aromatherapy. Becky enjoys gaining a personal relationship with her clients to better serve their needs. She has a lifelong passion for massage therapy and looks forward to serving others through its healing properties.


Casie Lynn

therapeutic massage and ashiatsu

Casie has been a therapist on the Drift team since 2016. She began as a spa coordinator, but her passion for wellness could not be contained. Casie’s parents were both bodybuilders, and instilled in her the importance of a healthy lifestyle. From this foundation, her knowledge of healthy eating, exercise, and self-care continued to grow, as did her desire to learn more. Her path has led her to study nutrition, yoga, dance, martial arts, and massage.


Lauriel Mahone

therapeutic massage

Lauriel worked in various medical roles for 5 years before realizing that healing is more than “health care”. In 2013, she graduated with an Associate’s degree in Massage Therapy. Lauriel’s skills included prenatal and Swedish. However, she is most known for her deep tissue work. Her passion is sports medicine and is continuing her education in Physical Therapy. She aspires to relieve chronic pain for clients with acute or chronic injuries, and strives to never let a client leave feeling the same way they felt when they arrived.


Susan Scharf

therapeutic massage, ashiatsu, and

manual lymphatic drainage

Susan began her career as a therapist after receiving regular massage at a chiropractic office as a part of her own treatment plan. She was inspired to help other people feel the same type of relief and experience. So, she decided to leave the business administration world and go back to school to become a massage therapist. Susan has a keen ability to find the source of pain and alleviate the symptoms. When she is not helping clients in the massage room, Susan enjoys spending time with her family. Her interests and passion is to experience life and adventure, with activities like hot air ballooning!


Kagan Boley

therapeutic massage, ashiatsu

Kagan graduated from Integrated Massage Therapy College in 2015. She enjoys providing a relaxing, nurturing massage. Although, she is extremely  skilled in deep tissue work and Ashiatsu. After working at a physical therapy clinic for 3 years, she gained a vast understanding of the Neuromuscular structures and how to release tension and dysfunction. She enjoys weight training and working out. Kagan is able to work effectively with athletes of all disciplines to enhance performance.

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Tarin Brungardt

therapeutic massage, ashiatsu

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