Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage


30 MINUTES $55 • 60 MINUTES $90 • 90 MINUTES $125• 120 MINUTES $160

There is no need to worry about "upgrades and add-ons". At Drift, we believe every massage should be tailored to your exact needs. Whether you would benefit from steamed towels, essential oils, hot stones, Narayan muscle rub, or a bit more pressure- there is never an extra charge. Every client gets exactly what they want and need.

Choose a massage therapy option that caters to your needs.

Swedish massage is the most common massage practiced in the United States. This massage is considered a deeply relaxing treatment using light to medium pressure. The focus of Swedish massage is gentle manipulation of the soft tissues including muscles, fascia, and tendons. Increased circulation of the blood and lymph, promotion of the immune system, and a general sense of relaxation are the main benefits of Swedish massage. The therapist will craft a treatment using a variety of techniques to ensure a deeply relaxing, healing, and unforgettable experience. All of our Swedish massage sessions include steamed aroma towels and your choice of three Drift Therapeutics aromatherapy blends.

Aromatherapy uses the powers of plant essences to achieve desired changes to the emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies. This is an ancient tradition which was practiced in many cultures. Our oils are all certified organic and custom blended by Drift Therapeutics. Some of the most common symptoms that can be affected by an aromatherapy session include anxiety, depression, allergies, muscle pain, and headaches.

Deep Tissue Massage works to affect the deeper structures. The therapist will release the tension of the superficial muscles first. A traditional ayurvedic herbal oil will be used to help warm up the muscles. After identifying tension and trigger points that have accumulated more deeply, more aggressive and intense techniques will be used to alleviate the issues. This technique is best received when the client is in good health and well hydrated.                                                               

Hot Stone Massage uses warmed Basalt stones to help increase circulation, warm the muscle tissue, promote healing, and encourage relaxation. Larger stones are placed stationary on areas of tension in the same manner as a heat pack. Smaller stones are held in the therapist’s palm and actually used as a massage tool. The stones seem to mold to the contours of the body. The soothing sensation of the warm stones is a unique and superbly healing process.

Prenatal Massage supports an expecting mother, and is a great privilege for our highly skilled massage therapists. For most women, there is little or no risk associated with receiving massage during pregnancy, and the benefits are numerous. Whether you are looking for relief from the aches and pains, want to help reduce swelling, or just want a moment to relax, a prenatal massage is exactly what you need. Our therapists will ensure your comfort and safety using either our “pregnancy bolster” (which allows you to lay face down) or a side lying position. They will be sure to adjust the massage for your specific needs.                                                                                

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), also known as lymphatic massage, is a modality that encourages the lymphatic system to more efficiently uptake and process waste materials and toxins from the body. Many factors including illness, injury, surgery, or environmental toxicity can lead to a sluggish lymphatic system. This results in fatigue, immune deficiency, or a particular type of swelling, called lymph edema. MLD is performed with no oils or lotions. It uses particular manipulations of the skin to help encourage the natural movement of the lymphatic system. 


Ashiatsu Massage

30 MINUTES $55 • 60 MINUTES $90 • 90 MINUTES $125• 120 MINUTES $160


Ashiatsu allows the therapist to use more pressure, more comfortably than most Deep Tissue massages. Meaning “foot pressure” in Japanese, this modality utilizes the therapists bare feet as the massage tool. While standing on the table with the client, the therapist is able to utilize gravity and bodyweight resulting in a much deeper massage. Parallel bars suspended from the ceiling allow the therapist to maintain balance. This also provides a way for the therapist to moderate the amount of pressure by pulling their weight up, or by pressing against the bars. The pressure is applied more evenly and over a larger surface area than when using hands, fingers, and elbows, resulting in a more comfortable massage. This modality is especially useful for chronic pain of the back, shoulders, and hips. Athletes of all disciplines benefit from "Ashi".


Herbal Foot Ritual

45 MINUTES $70 

Foot Ritual


Sip one of our delicious herbal teas and allow the warm aromatherapy neck wrap to begin to melt the tension away. Choose from our three Drift Therapeutics aromatherapy options; Clarity, Revitalize, or Peace. Allow a warm, herbal soak of your choice to relax and soften tired, achy feet. Next, an exfoliating, house-made salt scrub will be used to help remove callused, rough skin before feet are moisturized and wrapped in hot towels. Finally, a detailed foot massage will help restore balance.


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