Drift Therapeutic Spa

Drift Therapeutic Spa is Norman’s only 5-Star Massage & Spa Experience. We are committed to providing luxurious services with high-quality, organic products.

Allow our team of massage, skin care and relaxation professionals help you find a Calm Mind, Relaxed Body and Fulfilled Life.

Our Mission

We are a community of people who believe that a calm mind and relaxed body provide the human spirit with the framework to live better, more fulfilling lives. Without the burdens of overstimulation, stress, and pain we can perform at higher levels, be better to those around us, and love with our whole soul.

Our mission is to be a healing and relaxation resource for the community; to provide people with the tools to be the happiest, most efficient and loving version of themselves. The more that we are able to help people with these things, the more they are able to help those around them to feel the same way.

As our community grows, we will face less and less overstimulation, stress and pain. We are so grateful to initiate this process with floatation, ashiatsu, facials and massage.

Our Services

Relieve pain, stress and anxiety naturally with floatation therapy.

Floatation Therapy

Whether you are looking for relief from anxiety and stress or chronic pain, or you want to deepen your meditation practice- floating may be able to help.

Massage therapy in Norman.

Therapeutic Massage

Massage can improve overall physical and mental well-being. We offer several massage specialties to address a wide range of concerns and goals.

Organic Facials in Norman.

Organic Facials

Let our Estheticians and organic, plant based products bring out the best version of you! We offer several types of facials to cater to all skin types.